What are ShadowMyths?

Long ago, when Death dreamed the worlds into being, he wanted a way to establish empathy between the inhabitants of these new worlds.  Through his Essence, he created the major gods for the Rock, Air, Water, Fire and Skin elementals. He knew in his heart, though, that there would always be conflict between them since he was also a creature of calm and chaos.  He needed a way for them to understand each other and, most importantly, empathize with one another.

So, he created the Oracle System.  The system allowed the inhabitants of Ozul to communicate with different species and this would lead to them sharing their lives together.

As time went on, though, the creations of the major elemental gods began to ostracize one another. The Skin Elementals were the one most often left out because they were different. They could not change forms like the other elementals and this drove them to become bitter and, over time, more violent. Eventually, the other elementals learned to communicate with one another without the help of the Oracle Decks but the Skin Elementals (primarily humans) never developed the ability.  

Death realized that communication wasn’t enough. He had to get everyone to start thinking differently and not just doing what they have always been conditioned to do. So, he created the ShadowMyths System. He came to the dreams of artists (elementals and humans alike) and gave them an image that he wanted to show the world.... to inspire the races to learn to think differently.  These artists were seen as mad but the visions that they showed to the world were designed to helped get people to think differently.

If people could think differently, his hope would be that they realize that they should be more accepting of those that were different from them.