Inspiration Cards to create new ideas.

So, you say that you don't have any new ideas. You are not a creative person.  Hogwash.  Yes... you are... Everybody is creative.  The problem is that you have the same ideas that everybody else has. You don't have, what we visual artists call, a visual library to come up with something truly unique. Something that says... "Hey World!  This is me!  This is who I am!" 

You don't want to be like everybody else.

But where do you start?  Getting your ideas from movies you've seen and books you've read won't work.  Those stories have already been told.  They definitely aren't "Yours".

I get it.  I had the same problem.  That's when I stumbled upon my ShadowMyths System.  By laying out the cards in random order, my brain started making connections and I saw stories that I never thought of before.  Next thing that I knew, the ideas were coming and... they were different from everything that I had seen on TV or in a book.  It helped me create my new book, Selik's Road and the world of Ozul, and it can do the same for you.  

The ShadowMyths Decks are the visions that come to me in the night.  These Shadow Paintings have their own story and idea but, when put together, create a story that I would have never thought about.

Who are you?  Are you a....




Oracle Reader?


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