Kira confessed to me that she had never gone to my father to
be turned back into an elemental. She was too embarrassed
about being played a fool by the human. She also knew that
my father wouldn’t have harmed the human. She had made up
the whole story.

Instead, she had sought out Rheidan because she knew that he would help her. She was the daughter of his friend and he was a brilliant scientist. He would know what to do. As Rheidan experimented on her, she didn’t know that he just wanted her as another subject. He was curious about whether an elemental who was altered by the Artifact could be transformed into a different elemental. It was a unique opportunity and he took it.

Letting the others know that there was a chance, we started heading on home. Maybe my father had some information about other wizards. 

We were going to find a way to return the hybrids back to their original state.