As Kira and Jacob ran toward me, the elementals and hybrids all rushed Rheidan. He didn’t stand a chance. The pent-up anger of the prisoners overflowed and he was immediately swarmed by them. 

The screams were loud but short.

All of the sudden, everything in the room went still. No movement. No sounds. It was like everybody was frozen in time. From the corner of the room, the shadows coalesced into a robed figure and it looked at me. “This is Death. As you learn more about how everything is connected, you’ll see Death more often. He is the architect and manager of this world. He is the one who doles out punishments and he is the one who keeps order. “, said the Artifact.

Death turned away from me as he approached the still form of Rheidan. Placing his hand on Rheidan, I saw a dark shadow encompass Rheidan and seem to swallow him up. Death then looked at me, once more, and vanished back in the shadows. Briefly, I saw Rheidan fade away as a Shadow Elemental.