Mists started coming off of my body and formed into a large winged creature. The wings expanded to the size of the room. The weird salve that Angel has slathered on me. It was an elemental! She knew that I would be taken to Rheidan. This was another of her traps!

As the creature grew larger and larger, part of it entered into the equipment holding me. Suddenly, the bed stopped shifting and I was able to break my bonds. The other parts of the elemental made their way over to Rheidan. The Artifact started shifting my body to create protective armor and weapons. As I rose to attack Rheidan, the winged creature had already beat me to him. The tissue-like wings were slowly surrounding him and you could see him gasping for air. Loud sounds were coming from outside of the door. It immediately stopped and then the door burst open. 

It was Angel, Kira, Jakob and a large group of elementals! 

They had come to save me!