Once I awakened, I noticed that I was strapped down on a table and Rheidan was standing over me in his surgical gear. He told me that he was going to remove the Artifact and, yes, it was going to hurt. A lot, actually. “You see,” he explained, “I need to understand that Artifact. If I can meld with it, then I’ll have the ability to make improvements to my experiments. I can finally understand how to make my hybrids more powerful and stronger than any human or elemental. It’s the last part of the puzzle that I’m having trouble figuring out, but the Artifact should tell me what I’m missing. Think of it as your contribution to science!”

As his equipment started to work, the Artifact tried to shift my body into various forms but the table adapted to each new form. I was truly stuck and it really looked like this was the end for me. I failed helping my new friends and, more importantly, I failed helping Kira.