As the guards dragged me down the hallway, I noticed some movement down another hallway. Something was moving toward the door that the guards had just abandoned.

Guess that Angel knew a lot more about me than I thought. 
She hadn’t expected me to succeed. In reality, she had expected me to fail spectacularly and create a diversion. Apparently, 
that’s what I did.

The spies had been notified of the plan and the fact that, most likely, I would be captured by the door. Once I was captured, 
one of the spies was able to open it when the guards left.

Like everyone, I played my role and they played theirs. The door swung open and Angel and the hybrids entered the Bone Palace. Splitting into two groups, one headed off to the cells and the other half of the group headed off to the laboratory where they assumed that I would be immediately taken.

As the Artifact started to repair my wounds, I passed out.