Suddenly they turned around and notice me rushing toward them. They immediately pulled out their claws and stood their ground. The forward two rushed me and the other two readied themselves. 

As I met the front two, they jumped out of the way and let me
pass. Hah! I knew that they were scared of me! This is easy. 
I can just rush past the other two and then swing the door
open. The hybrids on the other side can rush in and take out
the guards. Suddenly, I felt pain in my legs and my body started
to fall forward.

The front two had rushed around me, cut out the back of my knees and, as I fell forward, the rear two immediately pinned me to the ground. The front two then rushed me and all four of the guards had me pinned. 

In a matter of seconds, I had failed my mission. I couldn’t
do something as simple as get to the door to get it opened. 
Some hero I turned out to be.