I secluded myself into a dark corner and tried to communicate with the Artifact. Nothing. I don’t know how long I sat there but I was getting tired. As I glanced down at my hands, I noticed the words engraved on the left one. I concentrated on the words and tried to understand “Never Forget.” Every time, I kept coming back to my life in Greywell. The statue at the end of town. “Never Forget.” The books and statues in my father’s room. The trip with Kira and Jakob. “Never Forget.” More and more, I thought about it, the more that I saw things that I never noticed before. There were elementals everywhere! The world was alive with them. 

Within my mind, a creature started to form from the shadows. 

“You are starting to understand. It will take time,” said the Artifact. “You are all connected. The people. The Elementals. The wizards. Even Death. Some of this, you knew. However, the world is also an elemental and you are connected to everything and everything is connected to you. That is the true secret of me, the Artifact. I help you understand that connection. I am your protector and your teacher. I am your student. You will learn about the world through me and I will do the same through you. When you need me, just concentrate. I will be there.” 

As Angel entered the chamber, I was ready. I transformed into a skeleton body and waited for a Collector to return to get another load of bones. When he came back, he carried me away through the entrance to the Bone Palace.