When we entered the cavern, we were assaulted by a gruesome scene. Skulls and bones were scattered all around the floor. Apparently, the traps did their work. A small group of Shadow Elemental Hybrids were decimated by a single trap. Angel signaled for us to hide and wait. 

Some time later, another strange creature had made its way into the room. “Perfect!” Angel had exclaimed. “I had hoped that one of them would arrive soon for clean up. You see, this is how we’ve been getting our spies into the castle. We hide them in the skulls and a Collector brings them past the guards. This is also how we get information from and to the spies inside. Now that you’re here and you have the Artifact, we can use you to transform into a bone elemental, reshape yourself into bones and the Collector will bring you into the Bone Palace. Once in there, you can get us in the building.”

The problem was that I didn’t know how to force a transformation. Up until now, everything was done out of my control. I wanted to take action but, like everything else that had been happening to me, I could just react.