When Angel came back, she stared at me for a while. “Savina said that you wanted to help. Well, we’ll see about that. My spies tell me that the Shadow Elemental Hybrids and guards are also searching for you. I’ve left them some traps so, hopefully, they will be busy for a long while.”

Suddenly, we heard screams echoing through the chambers of the cavern. A smile came across Angel’s face. “Our first catch of the day. We’ll see how many of those awful creatures were destroyed.”

As we rushed through the cavern, I was getting more and more excited. It seems that I’ve found a way to help me get rid of the Shadow Elementals for good. Also, I realized … I was on the adventure that I always wanted. This feeling was exciting and terrifying all at the same time. I had hoped that the Shadow Elementals suffered the way that they made me suffer. I knew that that was not a good thought but I was really tired of being everybody’s toy.