Suddenly, she lashed out at me with her bone wings before I even knew what was happening. My body immediately shifted into a new form. I was larger and stronger. My arm had changed into some sort of slashing weapon and my head became encased in protective gear. There was a feeling of strength that I had never felt before. 

As Angel’s bone wing glanced off of my chest, I just stood there. Honestly, I was in shock. I’ve never fought before and I didn’t know what to do. 

As quickly as she attacked, she backed off. “So, they were right. You do have the Artifact,” she said. I was still a bit shocked but, after the Artifact sensed no more danger, transformed me back into a human. As she examined me more, she told me of her spies in the Bone Palace and the stories about how Rheidan was able to find the host of the Artifact. 

She needed to make sure that they were telling the truth and, honestly, if I was one of Rheidan’s spies, then there was no harm
if she killed me.