I learned that I was beneath the Bone Palace and that this cavern system was once a thriving community of elementals. In the beginning, they had trusted Rheidan. 

However, over time, they realized that that trust was misplaced as he started capturing as many elementals as he could. Like many things, he started off small so that no one really noticed. The rest of the elementals ignored it because it wasn’t their problem. However, when Rheidan started rounding a lot of them up and, even worse, sent down the Hybrid Elementals to capture more, the cavern dwellers knew that their home was no longer safe.

Many of them tried to run, but Rheidan flooded the caverns with gas. When they awoke, many of the elementals were in the cells within the Bone Palace. Over time, some elementals and hybrids were able to escape and made it back down to the caverns. You could see in all of them that their spirit was broken.

Savina didn’t really know the way out of the caverns any more since Rheidan has scrambled his brains but he knew of someone who could help me get out. Angel.