When I awoke, I hurt. I could feel my entire body on fire. The Artifact let me know that we were safely away from the creatures but did not know exactly where we had landed.
It had transformed me into various elementals as we fell through the floor. I had no idea what it was talking about but the lecture continued. 

The Artifact explained that elementals could only move through their own type of material. Rock elementals could only travel through rock, water elementals through water, etc. The only way that an elemental can travel outside of its location is if it bound itself with a human. In exchange for being able to travel, the elemental gave humans the ability to communicate with other elementals. However, a downside to this is that the elemental also removes some of the human’s life force so it can’t be bound indefinitely.

Since the Artifact can change anyone into any type of elemental, it continuously converted me into different elemental types as we moved through different layers of earth. So, I was a cement element so that I could pass through the floor, a rock elemental to pass through the earth and an air elemental so that I could land softly.