It was weird. It was like visiting the lonely kid down the street that, when you came over, he had to bring out all of his toys to show you.

He was so excited to show how his experiments with the elementals had progressed since the last time Jakob and Kira saw him. How he had integrated humans and the elementals into a new life form. Through his machines, he was trying to create a superior creature that had the strengths and abilities of the elementals but the mental flexibility of a human. 

I was thoroughly disgusted but I kept it inside since I needed his help. There was such a sadness to the people that he showed us. He didn’t care for them as people. They were just objects that he built, took apart and then rebuilt.

As he showed us more and more of his “creations,” I couldn’t help watching Kira and wondering. I quietly asked her if he was the one that was responsible for her condition. Quietly, she just said, “Yes … but he promised me he knew how to complete the transformation.” She just turned away and would no longer look at me.