As we approached Rheidan’s dwellings, Jakob warned me that Rheidan was your typical reclusive wizard. He has a short temper when his studies are interrupted and he doesn’t really care to associate with humans or elementals. His studies were all he cared about.

As we entered, Rheidan seemed to be a bit annoyed but his mood suddenly changed when he saw his old friend, Jakob. “Jakob! Great to see you again! Been a long time! Come in! Come In!” Within the Bone Palace, Rheidan welcomed us and started showing us to his sitting room.

We explained the problem that I was having and he said that he could definitely help. There was something about the way that he said it, though, that made me uneasy. Also, I couldn’t help feeling the tenseness between Kira and Rheidan. She was very quiet and just kept staring at him. He also seemed to have a smirk on his face when he approached her. 

“How have you been doing, Kira? Well?” 

That smirk never left his face and Kira seemed to shrivel in his presence.