When she awoke, she was no longer human … but she was not a water elemental. She was a Hybrid. As Jakob told me, Elsbereth and he were disappointed when they found out that Kira agreed to the bargain. 

So, they were on the way to see my father again. Jakob thought that he could convince my father to use his magic to change her back into her original form. Jakob didn’t know how my father had performed the first transformation but he suspects that he had the Artifact. 

When he approached the town, Jakob realized that he was right. The Artifact knew of the impending death of my father and started signaling for a new host. Kira heard the signal but they arrived too late. When he saw me in the town after my house collapsed and Kira no longer heard the signal, he realized that I had the Artifact. He asked me if he could see it but I had no way of showing him. All I could do was show him my palm and the words “Never Forget.”

He also mentioned that the Shadow Elementals definitely knew that I had it since they also would have heard the call from the Artifact. Which is probably why they were following us and haunting my dreams. To what end, he didn’t know. They couldn’t physically hurt me but there had to be a reason why they were invading my dreams.