Something, though, about this rejection really hit her hard and she took it badly. The more that she thought about it, the more that she wanted vengeance. Elsbereth told her to go back to my father to undo the change but when she begged my father to try to transform her back into a Water Elemental, he refused. 

He said that he could see the hate in her heart and that she deserved her fate. 

On her way home, Kira was so depressed that she did something that she had never done before. She prayed. With all her soul, she prayed to Asiluth, the Water Elemental god, for a solution to her problem. She didn’t know whether it was pure chance or the answer from her god, but she was met by a dark creature who said that he would help her. He would remove the human from existence and make her a water elemental, again, if she were willing to devote her life to his path. She agreed. To ensure that she was loyal to her oath, the dark creature marked her neck and she passed out.