Elsbereth and Jakob tried to warn Kira to stay away from the humans but she was stubborn. For much of her young life, she was constantly falling in love with some elemental or some human.  In the end, each one always rejected her for one reason or another. Most times it was because they didn’t even know who she was. She was looking for something and Jakob had no idea how to help her. 

All she knew was that, in her mind, she loved this human and he loved her. She was constantly obsessed with him and kept trying to figure a way for them to be together.

Eventually, she visited my father so that he could help her become human. Jakob didn’t know how she knew that he could do it but she knew. He transformed her and she ran off to meet her love. 
As with the other loves of her life, he had no interest in her and, 
in reality, was terrified of her. 

Even though the transformation worked, it wasn’t perfect. She didn’t realize that it is one thing to look like a human but a totally different thing to act like a human. She was a caricature of one.