At my lowest point in the trip, Jakob decided to introduce me to Kira. I clearly remember the day that I met her and how much I was struck by her beauty. She was very dear to him and, more importantly, he told me that she had been dying to meet me the entire trip. When she started coming forward, I thought that she was the most beautiful woman that I had ever met. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. As she stepped fully out of the shadows, though, I was shocked. 

“Yes,” said Jakob, “she’s a hybrid. Hybrid Elementals are not fully of either world — human or elemental. Through magic or science, they are another form of a cursed creature that can never truly be home anywhere. She is the daughter of my wife, Elsbereth, 
a Water Elemental. My stepdaughter.”

As Jakob explained, Kira made a simple mistake
when she was younger and more foolish. In her youth, she was in love with a human from a faraway city. 
She would forever watch him from her spot in the sea or sneak peeks of him by traveling through the pipes and into his apartment. The problem was, the human had no idea who she was. He was not a wizard so he couldn’t see elementals.