Greywell. A poor and isolated town in the middle of nowhere. The nearest town was at least a week’s journey and the only excitement that had ever happened in town was when the Travelers came. The Elders really did not like them because they were different which, in their mind, meant that they caused nothing but trouble. However, as much as they didn’t want the Travelers there, they also recognized that they needed the goods that were brought into town. 

As kids, we loved them. The Travelers always told us new and exciting stories about warriors and their adventures. Fighting horrible creatures! Facing danger at every turn! What an exciting life! 

Of all of the Travelers that came, my favorite was Jakob. He was a quiet old man who would wander around various parts of town and was thought to be too odd and strange. He constantly muttered to himself and talked to the various rocks, plants and trees. Sometimes, he was seen gesturing wildly at the sky and yelling. He never brought anything to the town merchants but loved to tell stories to the local kids. I had known him for my entire life and considered him one of my closest friends.