Sometimes I felt that those were the longest days of my life. It wasn’t the traveling that bothered me. I loved talking about elementals with Jakob and started to really enjoy being around him.

The problem was that I wasn’t getting any rest. During the day, 
we were constantly traveling over open regions going somewhere. I didn’t know where we were going. I just knew that it was far away from Greywell.

At night, I would always end up screaming. Every night, I would have the same dream. I would imagine the thing crawling at me from my house and melding into me. Then, I would see eyes in the darkness and dark creatures would start to chase me. At first, I tried to be brave and fight them but they would overtake me. Eventually, I started to just run. 

They always seem to catch me and surround me at this dead tree. More came out of the ground and from inside the tree until the darkness surrounded me. I would wake up screaming.

I thought that I would become numb to what was happening but, for reason, I didn’t.