Death, one day, finally came for Malochi. As powerful as he was, he was no match for Death and could not prevent the end.

What most humans and elementals don’t understand, though, is that Death is not the end. It is, actually, just another phase in life. When a human died, Death transmuted his soul and the human is reborn as an elemental. Same thing happens to elementals. Their souls are transmuted into humans. This way, there is a natural balance of humans and elementals. Never too many or too few. With one exception, the souls never knew what they were in their past lives.

Wizards are special, though. Because they walk both the human and elemental world, when they died, their souls are transformed but their memories are still intact. They may choose to still be wizards or, not wanting to deal with the loneliness any more, give up the wizard life. It’s their choice.