Of all of the elementals he controlled, the most powerful one (and his main weapon of choice) was the Night Dragon. The humans thought that day and night were caused by the rotation of the planet. In reality, there were two elementals, the Night Dragon and the Day Dragon, that continuously circled the world to bring night and day. 

Once he was able to capture the Night Dragon, he started on his path for complete order and domination. If the town didn’t listen to his demands, he would send the dragon to stay over the town forever shrouding it in perpetual darkness. The crops would wither and the town became colder. Sickness would spread throughout. 

Everyone always gave in and he would move onto the next town. It was like this for many years. People lived in fear and bowed down to his every need. 

Many towns tried to send over heroes to stop him but he had an army of elementals under his command. He was unstoppable … until he met true power.