Jakob immediately became disappointed with me when he found out about my desire to become a powerful wizard. He had seen too many of his friends desire that and, in every case, they failed with dire consequences. He hoped that I would outgrow such childish thoughts. 

He wanted me to be better than I wanted to be. I just wanted to
be the hero in the stories that he told and this was my way to be that hero.

So, he told me the story of Malochi, in hopes to sway me from my path. I was pretty excited to hear a new story … one that I hadn’t heard before. 

Malochi, as Jakob told, was a powerful human wizard who longed for absolute order. He hated the way that the humans were ruining the world, so, he decided that it was time to put it to an end. The desire for order always gnawed at him. As he was
looking for a way to control everything, he found his answer in some dark spells that allowed someone full control of an elemental or a human.