I learned a lot about elementals and wizards as we traveled. Actually, I learned a lot about everything back then. Jakob was more of a father than my father ever was. However, it was quickly apparent that I had lied to him. I really didn’t know anything but he didn’t seem to mind. I guess he liked having someone to talk to because everybody in the caravan seemed to avoid him. Didn’t know why but it wasn’t my place to ask.

According to Jakob, there are three main players in this world: humans, elementals and wizards. The humans, like me, went busily about their daily lives and thought that we were kings of the world. Did whatever we wanted and didn’t care about anyone but ourselves. I can believe that. Many of the people that I have met in my life were pretty selfish and really didn’t like those who were different. Just like the Elders in my town.

The elementals were all around us but we could never see them. They lived in the trees, rocks, water or air. They could be everywhere but, unless they wanted to be seen or you knew how to look for them, we didn’t notice them. Like people, they had jobs and families. They were kind and nice or petty and jealous. They thought that they were better than humans but, in reality, had many of the same faults. They just didn’t see that in themselves.

Then there are the ones who are a part of both worlds. The wizards could be elementals or normal people … like Jakob … and my father. That, of course, shocked me.

My father wasn’t a wizard. He was just a foolish old man. However, 
as I thought more about it and learned more about elementals, 
I realized that all of the signs were there. The statues in his room. The books he was always poring over. The things he did for the townspeople. The reclusiveness. He WAS a wizard. That meant that … I was the son of a wizard?

I learned from Jakob that, through the use of books and training, anyone could become a wizard and see or communicate with the elementals, in the case of a person, or people, in the case of an elemental. They just had to have a strong mind and, most important, the desire. The wizard was more like a scientist. His job was to study the world around him and the easiest way to do that was to talk with elementals and piece together their answers. With his experiments and this knowledge, he would study the mysteries of life. 

Power! The things that I could do that a normal person couldn’t. The adventures that I would have! With my father’s books, I thought that I could be the most powerful wizard in the world! Imagine the stories that would be told about me!