When I went looking for Jakob, the Travelers told me that he probably went to Overlook, one of his favorite places in the town. Overlook was a strange-looking rock where my friends and I would spend most of our time. There were some hidden areas where our parents could never find us. 

As I approached, it seemed that he was reading to it or, at least, to something on it that I couldn’t see. I must have been too tired from the night before because I swear that the rock was shifting and seemed to sway. I was too far away to understand what he was saying but I knew that it wasn’t any language that I knew. It sounded like gibberish. 

From my hiding spot, I ran back to town and met up with him, later that day, at the caravan. When he showed up, Jakob seemed pretty reluctant to take me but, with a lot of begging and pleading, I had convinced him that I would be of use since my father taught me everything that he knew. Jakob thought more about it and agreed. I never saw that slight smile when he turned around.