Once I recovered, I was surrounded by the townspeople who were wondering what had happened to me and my house. 
In the distance, I saw Jakob. He just kept staring at me for what felt like forever and, then, he just walked away. 

That night, some of my friends offered to let me stay with them. I really shouldn’t have gone with them. They kept asking me more and more questions about what happened and, truthfully, even today, I still don’t fully know. 

What was my father doing with such a letter? What was that thing that came up to me? What did it do to me? What did it want with me? Is it gone? 

Too many questions … no answers.

The next morning, I sought out Jakob. I wondered why he was there last night and if I could leave with him. What happened last night confirmed even more that I needed to get away from here. Leaving with Jakob was the only way that I knew how to do that.