Once I finished reading the letter, things got really weird really fast. The letter started getting hotter and hotter and, as I dropped it, it started expanding to the size of the floor. The walls cracked and then melted into the floor. I ran out of the house as it started collapsing. 

Outside, I could see the house crumble and, from the debris, there was some formless creature crawling toward me. As it slowly rose to hover over me, I was too terrified to move. “Run, you idiot! This isn’t one of your daydreams or stories you hear about! You’re going to die!” my mind shouted at me. I couldn’t. My legs didn’t seem to respond and just stood there wondering if death was going to be quick and painless. 

As the creature looked at me, I could hear something in my mind. “So. You’re the next one.” It reached out with a tendril and touched my hand. I tried to pull back but my frozen body just stood there as the creature oozed and melted into my hand.  A thousand images raced through my screaming mind for what felt like forever. When done, I had a vision of a worm-like creature staring back at me as I collapsed. The last thing that I remembered was seeing that “Never Forget” was burned into my hand and the darkness looking back at me.