Ozul... a world of elementals, people, and wizards.  Hi... I'm Selik and, fortunately or unfortunately, this is the world that I live in.  I was born in a small village called Greywell and this is the story of my life.  What you see here will be my thoughts about the people and the world that I live in.  Some people say that it's pretty scary or unnerving.  I don't know about that.  For me, it just is.

For many of you, the ShadowMyths Decks help you come up with new ideas. For those in Ozul who know how to use the decks, it's power that we can control and alter our world.  Everybody in my world says, also, that they are just cards.  When I first came across them, I thought the same thing, also.  I was thinking that they helped me come up with new and interesting stories for my book.  It wasn't until later that I realized that they were a lot more powerful than that.  In fact, they were reality-influencing cards. Through the use of the Artifact, I could actually change what was going to happen based on how they were laid down.  I soon started distributing them so that no-one person could have the full deck and the awful power that they gave.

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