Creation of the World

Long ago, there was nothing but Death. It’s not that he was an entity floating in the void. He was more like a consciousness to the void. He was the void, itself. After a period of time, he knew that it was time for the Beginning and time for the End. He had rested enough and the Great Cycle must begin again. Suddenly, he fractured his Essence into multiple parts and each part created the moons, planets, and suns. During the creation process, each piece of his Essence was sent to oversee the created world and they had dominion over what they created. They were all part of Death but separate from him. Their job was to create life, learn from it, and, after a period of time, destroy it… bringing back that knowledge into the fold so that Death can rest and the cycle begins again.

On the world of Ozul, Death created the major gods for the Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Skin elementals. Their job was to create all of the races on the planet so that Death may learn from them. When working with the elemental gods, he was very careful to let them know that all of the races had to learn to work together and understand one another. This understanding and empathy between the races would lead to more knowledge for Death to absorb. However, Death knew in his heart, though, that there would always be conflict between the races since they, ultimately, are a creation of him and he IS a creature chaos.


As time went on, the creations of the major elemental gods began to fight and ostracize one another. Prejudices and jealousies erupted and the different elementals began keeping to their own. One particular group of Skin Elementals, humans, was the ones who most often fought with the other elementals. It seems that the humans were jealous of the others since they did not have many special abilities to protect themselves from the other elementals. They were considered weak and taken advantage of for many years. This was the time of Chaos.

To help the humans deal with this imbalance of power, Death created the ShadowMyths decks. The decks provided the races with access to the world’s magic to help defend themselves from each other. The decks came in two forms: Magic and Communication. The Magic deck altered reality to help the user to protect himself and the Communication deck was used to establish a base language and understanding between the different races. As with many powerful items, this worked for a while but soon came to be abused. Humans began to wage war against the other elementals and get revenge on the way that they have been treated over the centuries.

Then came Malachi… the Destroyer and Corrupter. Malachi had gathered as many of the ShadowMyths cards as he could. With both decks, Malachi distorted the magic and was able to control various elementals and bind them to his control. He had had enough of the world and desired to reshape it in his own image. He felt that humans AND elementals were at fault and sought to control everything.

So, the War of Corruption began.

No one could defeat him. Eventually, he suffered the same fate that many creatures, humans and elementals alike, succumb to. He died from old age. Once Death came for him, the elementals immediately sought balance in the world. They petitioned their Creators to do something about humans. Never mind that he was only one man that started the war. They felt that all humans were to blame and demanded that something be done about them. They wanted all humans be wiped from the world.

In light of everything that has happened, Death understood their position. He would not let the elemental creators eliminate the humans but he did agree that they should be contained… At least for now. He still had hopes that the world could be harmonious but he knew that this was not the time. So, he had his followers gather up the ShadowMyths decks and Malachi’s corrupted decks so that no one, human or elemental, could use them against each other. The unaltered decks were then distributed to a handful of mages so that they can teach others of their race and, hopefully, learn to live with each other in peace.


As Lord Mazram surveyed the world, he created five regions for the humans. Each district was thousands of miles in size and had full access to natural resources to build their towns and live productive lives. To create the separation between the humans and other elementals, he created special barriers, canyons on the earth side and formidable waves on the waterside. The canyons were to be inhabited by Death Mists and the waves were to be managed by the Kai.

Lord Mazram enhanced both barriers by creating a magic field that allowed certain Kai and Death Mists to become far smarter, stronger and handsomer than the other members of their race. Over time, a religious organization was built that further enhanced the specialness of those members of their race that agreed to patrol the border. These unique individuals became known as Maulers.

The final part of the agreement between Death and the Elemental Lords was that the humans had to have the opportunity to learn and associate with the elementals. On the land side, several bridges were created across trenches. The only humans that were allowed to cross the bridge were human mages and the individuals invited by them. If a human who was not a mage attempted to cross, a Mauler would rise up and eliminate them. This also held true for those who tried to send ships across the lakes or the ocean.


When Lord Mazram presented the new world to the other elemental lords, they were strangely quiet. “So,” he asked, “Will this satisfy the rest of you lords? Humans are no longer a threat to anyone else. If, by some chance, they actually do achieve an understanding of other elementals, they should be worthy enough to be able to join the rest of the world community. This is what Death wants, and I think that I have delivered a suitable solution.” No response. The other lords just looked at him. No smiles. Nothing.

Finally, Lord Faemir, the Fire Elemental God, spoke up. “It looks all nice and pretty. How are we supposed to get the humans in there? Do we just ask them nicely and politely? Please... go in... You’ll love it there!”

“No. They will be herded in by the Death Mists... thanks to Lord Graylar, the Air Elemental Lord. Some of the humans will, of course, die but I don’t believe that will bother too many of you.”

As the other elementals studied the map, they all seem to agree that the plan would work... for now. All understood that there really was no other option. Death would not allow the humans to be eliminated.


“Is everything ready? Your people know what to do? Is our plan for getting rid of the humans ready to go?” asked Lord Faemir,

“Yes. “ responded the Air and Water Elemental Gods. “We have given instructions to our priests that they will be visited by certain elementals. These priests are loyal to us and will provide means to bring in elementals out of sight of the Maulers. No-one will know what is happening. We have to be careful not to let too many in or Death and Lord Mazram will notice.”

“Great! This will be a perfect opportunity to get rid of the troublemakers and criminals in our lands. Since Death and Lord Mazram love those humans so much, they can have them. They have provided us a perfect opportunity to cleanse our lands also.”

At first, they were not, the best examples of the other races but most of them were good people. Nowadays, many of them have come to see the quarantine areas as a sanctuary and protection from others of their own race. They have a right to live safely and freely just like you humans. That is the true meaning of the quarantine zones. That is the idea Death had in mind.