Why aren't there many Oracle Decks for those of us who love Dark Fantasy or Weird Creatures? 

If you did a search for Oracle Decks, a lot of what you find are cute animals, angels, or colorful portraits.  Now, don't get me wrong.  Those decks are beautiful... but where are the decks for the dark fantasy lover?  Not just decks that contains skulls.  Decks that contain different art with meaning.

Now, there are some people who are actually using the ShadowMyths decks as an Oracle Deck. Since I don't tell you exactly what's going on, it leaves their meaning up to your interpretation.  However, this wasn't quite what I wanted.

So, I created an official ShadowMyths Oracle Deck that contains only my drawings and the meanings associated with them. This way, you can ask your question and get a more definitive idea of the answer.

How do you use the ShadowMyths Oracle Deck?


As with any standard Oracle Deck, you just have the question in mind and draw the cards to get your answers.  For me, I'm a fan of asking a question about ideas on how to correct a situation. From there, I'll draw three cards to give me an overall idea of what to do. The reason that I pull three cards is because, in life, there really is a variety of answers that you could use to solve your problem. The three cards gives me some option but nothing definitive.

I asked the question: How do I increase my following for my world? The three cards that I drew were the ones above (yes... I actually did draw those cards).  So, the answer was support, Inner Power, and Connections.  So, my interpretation of the answer is that I need to start building a community around me where I use my talents to help others.  That makes sense.  If I am more present about helping people, more people will know about me and my work. That means that I'm building a community around them and for them. The more they learn about me, the more that they learn about my world.



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