Petition - Oil Painting [SOLD]

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Petition - Oil Painting [SOLD]

  • Painting Size: 18” wide x 24” tall

  • Medium: Oil Painting

  • Substrate: Centurion Deluxe Oil Primed Linen Panels

  • Signed by Doug Hoppes (artist)

  • Provided with dark gothic-style frame

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What would you do to obtain something that you truly desire? In the moment of heat, you would do anything. It doesn’t matter what it is or what you want done, all that you can think about is obtaining that goal or person. However, if you sit back and wait out that moment, a time of clarity will come to you. This is the time that you need to evaluate to determine if what you want is really worth what you give up. Sometimes, it really is too late….. sometimes, not