In the beginning, there was only Death. As he floated in the void of Nothingness, he knew that it was time. Time for the Beginning and time for the End. He had rested enough and the Great Cycle must begin again. Suddenly, he fractured his Essence into multiple parts and each part created the moons, planets, and suns. Each part of his Essence had dominion over what they created. They were all part of Death but separate from him. Their job was to create life, learn from it, and, after a period of time, destroy it… bringing back that knowledge into the fold so that Death can rest and the cycle begins again.

This is the story of the part of Death who oversaw the world of Ozul. Through the eyes of the Skin Elemental wizard, Selik, you get a glimpse of how the Dream Paintings and the Artifact altered the future of this world and brought harmony, for a brief time, before the destruction. You’ll also learn, through the notes of Selik, about the gods and the inhabitants of this world and how they were influenced by the Dream Paintings.



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