What are the ShadowMyths cards?

Essentially, ShadowMyths is a dark fantasy inspiration deck of cards that allow users to come up with new ideas that are outside of their normal patterns. Each deck contains 35 semi-abstract oil painting images that you lay out. As you study the images, your brain will start coming up with your own meaning for the image and, in sequence, a story or an idea will begin to appear.

From most of my customers, the standard uses for the deck have been:

  • Props (e.g. Deck of Many Things) for role-playing games

  • Idea generators for campaigns, books, and stories

  • Teaching tool for story-prompts in grade-school

  • Discussion points when talking to therapy patients

  • Mini-paintings that can be hung on their wall

  • Used as Tarot and Oracle Decks

To learn more about how to use the ShadowMyths decks for your situation, go here.


The first ShadowMyths Deck (Darkness) was introduced in 2017 at Gencon. In the last year, it has been extremely successful. The Kickstarter is for the second deck, Turmoil. As you can see, all but 9 paintings are done for the deck. The final 9 paintings will take about 2 months to finish… or one month after the end of the Kickstarter.

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