Yesterday, I was thinking about my father and the time that he passed away.  Now, I'm not one for living in the past but it's good to do that every now and then.  I'm more about living in the present but preparing for the future.  Well, the thought came to me about how well we think we know someone.  

From my point of view, my father was always quiet and didn't really like anything that I was doing.  He didn't care for what I was doing with my life and preferred to stay in his room with his books.  He was always studying or muttering to himself.  There didn't seem to be any time for me.  So, there was really no reason for me to stay home.  It was a lot more fun to be out with my friends who liked and admired me.  When I was home, we would always argue about my choices (especially the one where I couldn't wait to leave home and find adventure).  He seemed to be so disappointed in me. 

Once he passed away (before the Artifact chose me), I distinctly remember the town coming together for his funeral.  Here's the thing. The way that they talked about him was so different from the way that I knew him. They saw him as a generous man who gave their time, was kind to everybody, and went out of his way to help them.  I never saw any of that.  

Although, in his last letter to me, he indicated that he was just protecting me but I think that it may have to do with familiarity and responsibility.  He wasn't responsible for those other people he helped. So, there was nothing at stake if his answers or help was wrong.  I'm a different story.  I'm his son.  I like to think that he had more of a vested interest in me other than just another person in his household.    I may never know why he was so protective but I'm wondering if it had something to do with my mother.  I've never seen her or met her.  I have no memories of her.  I wonder....