There are plenty of times when I'm sitting in my studies and wonder what has become of my life.  I see the books and the statues of the elementals and know that I have friends among them but... sometimes... I feel that I'm missing something. When I go about the village, hearing the laughter of the kids playing or the couples talking as they walk the streets hand-in-hand.  Even when I stop and rest at a local outdoor shop, having my morning Kavla, I seem to be part of this world but separate from it. The other customers tend to ignore me to the point that they won't even look at me.  I get the feeling that I'm not wanted but tolerated.

When I was a kid, I remember playing in the streets with all of the other kids.  We would form groups and play games and run around having adventures. Those days are long gone and have been replaced by real dangers and adventures.  I've lost something since that time.

It seems that part of the reason is because my studies have taken over.  I'm starting to feel more comfortable around the elementals rather people.  I am starting to understand why so many wizards become loners.  We become tools to other people in the community.... they're happy when we can help them but that is the extent of it.  We're tools to the humans but friends to the elementals.