As I was heading home, I took a look at the bridge that connected my small town, Greywell, to the other villages in our province.  The elders in my town call it the Road to Perdition.  They say that, those who travel along it, will lose their souls to the outside world and never be able to come back. 

In a way, they are right.  I remembered the first time that I traveled along this road as I left Greywell.  I didn't really lose my soul but, when I came back, the town was different.  The people were different.  In reality, I was the one that had changed.  I was able to see that there is so much more to the world around me than those offered by the safety and insulation of my small birthplace.

Nowadays, I relish that feeling of learning something new every time that I leave town.  I feel that I'm growing in wisdom and knowledge.  It's a good feeling.