Love... it's a funny thing.  When I met Kira, years ago, I admit that I was first struck by her physical beauty. There was something about her that just took my breath away.  As we spent more time together, there was so much more to her than just her physical beauty.  She was definitely intelligent, funny, and caring.  All of the qualities that most people seem to want in a partner or friend.

However, the part that I fell in love with was something else.  It was that... she was herself.  She stood up to what she believed in and she defended those who needed help.  She had a subtle power that was ever present but not in your face.  However, she was a force to be reckoned with.  She has accepted her fate as a hybrid elemental but she'll try her hardest to use her new abilities to improve the life of others.

It's been a long time since I last saw her.  I hope that she's okay but I know that she has her own personal demons to attend to.  She's a strong woman and, even though I know that she can take care of herself, I still worry about her.  

It's what one does when they are in love.  They let others be true to themselves but there is always that part that worries and wants to take care of them.