Too much time on my hands.  I'm getting nowhere trying to figure out how to transform Kira back into a pure elemental.  All of my research has left me tired and there's no answer from the Artifact.  It's a dead-end and I don't know what to do any more.  I've realized that I've started to just think about the problem rather than doing something about it.  My mind is beginning to wander.

Remember those friends that you had in the past?  Remember, back then, when you thought that it would last forever?  You and your friends were inseparable.  However, over time, everybody went their separate ways?  You kept in contact for a little while but the special feeling of hanging out with them is gone.  You've all grown in different directions.  As you move around town, you start seeing them in different places.  Eventually, they become forgotten while you are dealing with your current life struggles.

I wonder if it has to be that way?  I believe that it has to for us to grow.  As we add new friends or places into our lives, our mind grows and, I like to think, more open and stronger.  We adapt to new situations.  If we are left around the same people our entire lives and the same town, we lose our identity and become only a shell of what our friends or the town thinks.

As I said.. too much time on my hands and frustrated with not being able to solve my problem.  I think that I need a rest.