I was wondering how I got here.  Sitting alone in my studio and looking at the statues that my father left me.  They are memories of a past that I no longer identify with.  My current life is so different from my childhood and the life that I wanted to live.

How does the life that you end up with and didn't want become the normal that you are comfortable with?  How do people become so accepting of the things that happens around them?  Do we get tired?  Do we just not care anymore?  Are we so busy in the situation that we don't know that the world has changed around us and we take comfort in what we already know? 

I know that, after many years of trying, I still haven't solved the problem of transforming Kira back into her pure elemental form.  I doubt that I ever will.  The knowledge is lost with the person who did this to her.  As I see her, I realize that she doesn't seem to be bothered about it... or she just keeps it well hidden.  She has adapted to her new "normal" after being with it for such a long time.  I wish that I could be like her.