I don't know whether I've become desensitized to it or not. I have a collection of skulls in my study. They range from the skulls of humans to other animals. I'm always asked by the novice wizards about skulls for elementals. They are still new and still learning about the world around them.

You see... The skulls of elementals are not like what we think of as normal skulls. They are the oddly shaped rocks and trees. The pools of water that you may see lying around. The tattered web. Like the elementals, they are all around but, unless you've been trained to see them, they look like ordinary things found in nature. The trick is to learn how to see them.

When I'm told by others that it's horrid that I have skulls, I quietly smile to them without saying a word. Some of them think that I'm a monster and to be feared. However, the skulls mean nothing. After my many discussions with Death, I know what happens afterwards (transitioning from one form to another) and I know that the skulls and physical remnants of a person is just that... remnants. The person or animal is gone.

For me, the true life of the person is not the physical artifacts that are left behind but the memories of my time with them. That is what I hold most important and what means the most to me.

The skull... is just a skull.