My friend, Kralik, and I have been together for quite a long time.  Ever since I first met him at the Bone Palace, as a companion to Rheidan, I thought that there was something to him that I found interesting.  I think that it was his eyes and the way that he watched everything and everybody.  There was an inquisitive look that, at first, unnerved me but, later, I found was just pure curiosity.

After the demise of Rheidan, he followed us back home but kept his distance.  We were unsure of what his motives were but, being associated with Rheidan, we didn't want anything to do with him.  As time went by, it seemed more like he was a lost child with nowhere to go.

Sometimes friendships are like that.  There are people who come into your life for a reason.  Sometimes you come into theirs for a reason.  I truly believe that I was led to the bone palace so that Kralik could be part of my life.  I don't really understand how but, as time goes by, I'm finding that his friendship means a lot to me.  It's not like verbally communicate a lot since he's not an elemental or a person.  However, his gestures and the way that he moves lets me know what he is thinking.  Sometimes that's more accurate than if he just told me something.  I can trust his movements and body language.

In the end, I guess, as with many other things, it always comes down to trust.  Friendships are like that.  They are not there to make you be more important or do things for you. There are there so that you can learn trust and have faith in someone other than yourself.