When I was younger, I remember Jacob telling me the stories of adventurers and how they ran away or failed in many of their tasks.  I couldn't believe it.  If I were in that situation, there's no way that I would have run away.  Obviously those heroes, even though they triumphed in the end, weren't all that good.  I was better.

I was an idiot.  In reality, I didn't understand fear.  I led a pretty sheltered life in my small town and I had a loving father to protect me.  I didn't understand that a true hero was one who was still afraid but triumphed because he overcame those fears and finished the goal that he set out to accomplish.  I also learned that it didn't have to be the major things.  

Everybody has their own fears.  When I was younger, it was all about losing my friends and being lonely.  As I grow older, it's more about failing those who love me.  The thing is... failure is good for you.  It teaches you to be humble and, more importantly, it teaches you to reach outside of your comfort zone. The most growth happens when you have experiences out of your comfort zone.

As an aging wizard, I still have fear.  I still worry about things. The difference is... I have the confidence to know that I can, for the moment, overcome that fear and use that knowledge to achieve my goals.