Beneath the Bone Palace is where I lost and found myself.  I won't say that it was one of the lowest points in my life because... in truth... there's many more moments where that happens.  However, it was where I discovered who I really was and those lessons that my father taught me when I was younger.

The most important lesson that I learned was... there is no magic pill.  I wanted to be like those heroes in my stories.  When I was assimilated with the artifact, I was given that chance. The thing is... it only created more problems than I had before.  When I was younger, my father always told me that I should find a nice girl and get a good job and all of my problems would be solved.  My friends said that I should become fearsome and powerful and the world will bow to me... no more problems.

The thing that I learned is that, no matter what gifts I receive or what I do in terms of a job or life, in the end, success comes down to having absolute belief in myself.  It comes in having many failures but realizing that I can survive those situations if I believe that it is in my power to do it.  I don't have to have all of the money in the world or all of the friends.  

I just have to believe in myself.  

Note: Even Belief doesn't solve all of my problems.  One day, I'll be defeated and broken.  I know that.  At that time, I just want to look back at my life and think.... yes, it was a good one.