Asaral... Lord of Punishment

One of Death's companion is Asaral.. the Demon Lord. There's not much known about him but what is known is not very nice. At the time of death, when a person or elemental begins the transition state, he is visited by Death.  If the person has led a relatively good life, then the transition is painless and easy.  However, if the person has caused a lot of harm to others, Death assigns the task to Asaral, the Karmic Demon.  He is the one who determines the punishment fitting for the crime and sentences the person to the Shadow Realm.

There once was a story told by Jacob about the town that deserved Asaral's wrath.  This was not a good town.  The people were incredibly selfish and constantly harmed each other and the neighboring lands.  Eventually, they created a weapon that could obliterate the other towns so that they could take what they wanted. The Prayer weapon allowed the town, in unison, to contact one of the Elder Demons and channel his power to their weapon.  Upon praying, the weapon failed in a catastrophic explosion and the entire town was wiped out.

When Death came to them and saw how they were, he sent Asaral to mete out punishment.  What answered their prayers was not what they wanted but what they deserved.