Now, the last time, I was talking about how the wizard-in-training used the Oracle Deck to create a communication link between the mage and the elemental.  Today, I'm going to go a little more in-depth about the process.

The basics of communication with another life-form is always about research and understanding. Nothing can happen before that is first set up.  So, the wizard will spend a large amount of time reading about the creature he is interested in.  He'll find any reference about the creature in his books.  Since reading alone doesn't give you the answers, he needs to go out into the field and actually take notes of the creature in their natural environment.  

Now, this is harder than it sounds because, initially, he won't be able to see them. The elementals are extremely elusive and most people don't know that they are around.  However, through his research, he'll be able to see signs that indicate their presence.  Once he can easily recognize those signs, he can start "seeing" them in their natural habitat.  Since they are reclusive, this is also difficult.

As part of the studying in the field, the wizard should be creating a lot of drawings of the elementals.  The more that the mage can understand the elemental and envision him in his mind, the more success he'll have at the communication.

This is a difficult process and the main reason why many people never get past this stage of development.  There are no easy answers.