The final step for communication between the wizard and the elemental always is about relationships. It's not about love (which does happen sometime).  It's about friendship and mutual respect between each party.

The wizard provides information about his world or something that the elemental desires to make their lives better.  The elemental provides companionship to the wizard and information about their lives and the world around them.  When it works, it's beneficial to both parties.

However, like many relationships, it also could be one way or abusive. Either side may "use" the other person for their own selfish gains.  When that happens, I usually feel sorry for both sides.  More so for the abused in this case but there is a part of me that tries to learn from the abuser so that I don't succumb to the same mistakes.  I try to put myself in the mind of the abuser and see if he/she could be helped.