Inspiration Cards to create new ideas.

So, you want new ideas for your gaming campaigns or your stories.  You think that all of the stories have all been told and you don't know how to come up with your own ideas.  You don't want to be like everybody else. and use the same ideas over and over again.  The ideas that you want have to be dark but not all about death.  It has to be unique.  It definitely has to be "You".

But where do you start?  Getting your ideas from movies you've seen and books you've read won't work.  Those stories have already been told.  They definitely aren't "Yours".

I get it.  I had the same problem.  Then one day I laid out all of my paintings.  As I rearranged their order, I started getting ideas for stories.  The images were jump-starting my imagination!  They can do the same for you.


How I use them

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