Asiluth, Water Elemental God

Among the pantheon of Elemental Gods, Asiluth remains as one of the most trusted arbitrators.  Yes, you could say it is because he is one of the primary water elemental gods but it's more than that.  He is "fluid" in his reasoning and is able to see both sides of the argument without bias (Writer's note: This is where the elemental phrase "Fluid as only water can be" is derived from).  By seeing both sides of the argument, he can navigate through an agreement that, although doesn't make both sides happy, satisfies them enough so that they can carry on their business.  

When there is arbirtration needed between two warring factions in the elemental world, he can be called upon and an avatar is presented to both sides.  Only the most important decisions, those that affect many of the elementals in the world, are given an audience with Asiluth.  The avatar listens to the issues and then proclaims Asiluth's decision.  The decision, though, is final.  If one side disregards the decision, then they are denied access to water until they give in.  

In addition to his arbitration duties, he is one of the major gods for the water elemental people. They worship him by leaving small pools of their essence every year in the Giving Pool. These sacred pools are only known to the priests and priestesses of Asiluth and only water elementals have the capability of reaching the pools. 

As with many of the elemental gods, the elementals request nothing from this gift. They only do it to show their reverence for their god and the bounty that he bestows on their life.